Poljanska dolina by river Kolpa

In Poljanska dolina ob Kolpi, a small and quiet valley, life hasn't changed much. The intact nature and hospitable people attract visitors. This is the perfect place for all those who wish their holidays to be different. Its woods full of animals attract hunters, all those who are fond of rowing, swimming, fishing or camping are attracted by the Kolpa, one of the warmest and purest rivers in Slovenia. Stari trg is the biggest settlement in the valley. In the times of Turkish raids the settlement was granted brought rights because of its strategically and commercial importance. The name of Stari trg was first mentioned in 1576. The fact that the settlement became a separate parish before the yare 1248 shows its importance. Present St. Joseph's parish church was built in 1740. The Stari trg elementary school is one of the oldest schools in Slovenia. It started operating in 1820 and until 1844, when the school was built, classes were held indifferent houses. The school was enlarged in 1889. The present building was reconstructed in 1988.


The number of inhabitants has been decreasing slowly since the Second World War. However some more hope has been brought back to the valley by two factories, Komet and Unior. In the folklore group people cultivate national dances and tambour music. Predgrad is another major settlement in the valley. It was first mentioned in 1576 as "Vor dem Haus" (in front of the castle). At that time Predgrad was just a settlement in front of the Poljane Castle where the then masters had their headquarters. The castle itself was first mentioned in 1325. Some historians believe that Predgrad was inhabited in prehistoric times, but they have no solid evidence to support the belief. Some signs that prove that the area was inhabited in the late Bronze Age were found on Debeli vrh. The castle itself does not exist anymore; only its ruins are left.


Predgrad has its folklore group and a group of tambour players. Despite the fact that the valley is divided into two separate communities " Hrnomelj and Kohevje " its inhabitants feel like inhabitants of the valley.In the vicinity of Stari trg there are several natural, ethnological and cultural monuments worth seeing:

  • The old blacksmith's workshop in Bilpa, run by water
  • The old watermill in Breg, which still operates
  • The karstic cave Bilpa
  • The cave Kobiljaha in Breg, which is the longest cave in Bela Krajina
  • Kozice over Dol is a place with a fine view and a resort with the southernmost chamois colony
  • Radenci rock wall near the Kolpa
  • St. Mary's pilgrim church in Zagozdac
  • The church Kalvarija
  • Stari trg St. Nichola's parish church

Weather: Kolpa Valley

Kolpa river

Date 30. July 2018

Water T.:

Water flow:

23,2 °C


Through the rapids

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