On the river Kolpa rafting is also possible.Downriver with raft is a unique experience because of beautiful nature and many dams. Rafting is possible only when the river is high. Is mixture between raft and canoe.

It is very steady and appropriate for families and people who have less rowing knowledge.

Can you manage to stay in the nature only with basic survival things?

Find an avanturist in yourself! .

5 day trip - suggestion

Season on river Kolpa

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Visit the wild nature and do something for yourself and your body. At the same time, you will get familiar with various survival skills that will later come in handy in everyday life or crisis situations.

If you want to enjoy in the beauty of the river Kolpa and its surrounding area for more than one day, we suggest some accommodation, where they will make sure your vacation stay long in the fond memory. In Poljanska dolina ob Kolpi, a small and quiet valley, life hasn't changed much. The intact nature and hospitable people attract visitors. This is the perfect place for all those who wish their holidays to be different.

Weather: Kolpa Valley

Kolpa river

Date 30. July 2018

Water T.:

Water flow:

23,2 °C


Through the rapids

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