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GRAND KOLPA is a small family-run company with origins dating back to 1996.

Since 1999 we have been professionally involved in organised downhill skiing and sports equipment hire. Our family-run company specialises in organised descents for large, medium and small groups. We are up-to-date, accurate, punctual, friendly and cordial.

As lovers and protectors of the Kolpa River and its wildlife, we are very aware that the river needs to be given back to, not just eaten.

As we are aware that our aquatic activities in the warmer months disturb and harm fish life, we devote a lot of our free time to protecting, nourishing and conserving fish species in the Kolpa River.

Working hours:

Mon. – Thu.: 10 – 22
Fri.: 10 – 24
Sat.: 08 – 24
Sun.: 08 – 22

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