why exactly rafting Kolpa?

Kolpa at low water level is a real relaxing adventure. Swimming in the warm and clean Kolpa during the descent is a truly special and unforgettable experience that you will hardly forget.

When the water level rises, the Kolpa River turns into a river that will delight even those who miss adrenaline.

One of the key advantages of rafting down Kolpa is that you are not limited by time when it comes to the descent, and our equipment is available to you all day.

HOW DOES rafting work?

We will arrange the desired start time by phone. When you arrive at our location, you park your car in our free car park. We provide you with a barrel in which to pack your towel, phone, refreshments and a snack.

In addition, we provide the compulsory equipment: helmets, paddles, life jacket and, in the colder season, wetsuit. Once everything is prepared and packed into our van, we will take you upstream. We adapt the course to your paddling abilities and preferences. The length and time of the descent is also influenced by the water level. During the ride to the starting point, we will also explain how to cope and behave during the ride and the descent down the river. We’ll also explain how to row and steer the boat.

After the descent, we’ll take care of your hungry stomach in our refreshment room, where we’ll offer you a variety of local dishes at the end of the day.


As we like to say here in the warmer months, the “must-haves” include a swimsuit and a towel. If the river is low, you may run aground somewhere, so it is necessary to get out of the boat. As some of the rocks are slippery, we advise against sandals or crocs. Suitable footwear in the warm season are trainers, old trainers that you won’t regret getting wet or, even better, water shoes. If you don’t have them with you, we can provide you with neoprene boots.

Most important of all is sunscreen, plenty of fluids and, of course, a good spirit.


As the Kolpa River is a long border river between Slovenia and Croatia, and we are located in the Poljanska Valley along the upper-middle Kolpa River, we are flexible in terms of the start and finish of the route for larger groups. Call us and together we will find a common path!

If you have chosen a rafting tour that is too long and you pass out before you get to our destination, please call us and we will come to find you at the agreed place as soon as possible. If you get to our destination and would like to hang out a bit more, let us know at our rafting centre so we can extend the tour up to 5 km and then come and find you with our vehicle.

Other specific features

KOLPA is suitable for families and anyone with little or no experience

Clean, warm, calm and unpretentious, with a favourable low water level in the warmer months, the Kolpa is perfect for excursions and active holidays with the family.


If your puppy loves the water, he’ll love it if you take him along for an unforgettable adventure.


We use Slovenian boats made by Gumar


A mini raft is an inflatable canoe suitable and designed for two or three people. It is slightly slower than a canoe, but much more stable. The great advantage of a mini raft or inflatable canoe is that it cannot be submerged. Unless you puncture all the inflatable tubes at the same time. =) Let us mention that this has not happened yet. The shape of the mini raft makes it easy to handle and suitable for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers.


Suitable for rafting at higher water levels or for a group that wants to be together on a boat in the summer months. Rafts can accommodate seven to ten people.

Are there any extra charges?

Guide (as additional person), wetsuit (3 Eur)

Is the Kolpa a dangerous river?

The Kolpa is not a dangerous river if boating is organised at favourable water levels. For inexperienced paddlers, we recommend a guide.