Give your team an unforgettable teambuilding experience

We can organise the following activities for your company:

  • organised boating with guides
  • chess workshop with the first Slovenian Grandmaster
  • preparing and baking a local cake
  • farm games

Programme and description of activities:

On arrival, we welcome you with an aperitif and coffee and introduce you to the Kolpe Valley and our story. The following are the groupings. Your colleagues who decide to spend a day on the water will take an organised shuttle to the launch site and start an unforgettable water adventure on the tranquil Kolpa River. Če želite razgibati male sive celice, se lahko odločite za edinstveno šahovsko delavnico. Domačinka in prva slovenska velemojstrica Darja Kapš vam bo kraljevsko igro predstavila kot umetnost, znanost, psihologijo in šport. Through chess, you’ll build team spirit, work together to find the best solutions and see how the golden rules of chess work in real life. 


As an extra treat, you can learn how to make a local homemade cake. We’ll share with you an old grandmother’s recipe for a cake with cheese, homemade speck and salt. If you want to spend the whole day physically active, we can organise outdoor games (tug-of-war, sack-jumping, blindfolded potato-picking, identifying objects in a crate, carrying water, etc.). It is about experiencing traditional traditions in a sporting way, while at the same time building relationships and trust between employees.

After the activities, it’s time to relax with delicious spoon meals, homemade cakes and the best homemade walnut cake. We are flexible with our menus, and of course cater for vegetarians. After the meal, we can sing together to the sounds of the acoustic guitar, which in our experience is a lot of fun.

Additional offer

The unspoilt nature of the Kolpa Valley invites you to go for walks along the river or to enjoy the beautiful viewpoints in the surroundings throughout the year. During the tourist season, it is also possible to visit the herb farm, where you can smell the herbs on an original learning trail. Our homestead, with its idyllic location on the water, offers you a peaceful getaway with the sound of the Kolpa River and the sun’s rays gathering. You can also stay overnight, as we offer rooms and two glamping cottages (500 metres from the guest house). In case of a larger number of participants, overnight accommodation is also available in cooperation with other accommodation providers in the valley.

Other specific features

Why boating on the Kolpa?

• As one of the safer rivers, you will have ample opportunity for a fun or constructive dialogue during the descent itself.
• As in the company – so on the boat: a common goal achieved through coordinated work/cooperation
• The magic and beauty of the unspoilt Kolpa valley will enchant you
• A perfect getaway in the heart of the Kolpa River


If your puppy loves the water, he’ll love it if you take him along for an unforgettable adventure.


We use Slovenian boats made by Gumar


A mini raft is an inflatable canoe suitable and designed for two or three people. It is slightly slower than a canoe, but much more stable. The great advantage of a mini raft or inflatable canoe is that it cannot be submerged. Unless you puncture all the inflatable tubes at the same time. =) Let us mention that this has not happened yet. The shape of the mini raft makes it easy to handle and suitable for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers.


Suitable for rafting at higher water levels or for a group that wants to be together on a boat in the summer months. Rafts can accommodate seven to ten people.

Are there any extra charges?

Guide (as additional person), wetsuit (3 Eur)

what kind of river is the Kolpa?

The Kolpa is not a dangerous river if boating is organised at favourable water levels. For inexperienced paddlers, we recommend a guide.